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Window Cleaning Insurance

Protect your business by getting a unique type of insurance, that can do more than a standard policy and specifically protect your window cleaning operation.

Small Business Window Cleaning Insurance

Why choose Howden for Window Cleaning Insurance?

Howden is the new name for A-Plan. Howden is the new name for A-Plan. Here at Howden, we pride ourselves on doing the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. Thanks to the great relationships we have with our selected panel of standard and specialist insurers, we make the process of comparing multiple window cleaning insurance policies, on your behalf, simple and easy. What’s not to like?

As a broker which specialises in self-employed, business insurance, we recognise that each policy needs to be as individual as its owner and their business, and that’s why we provide a personalised service, focused on getting to know you and finding out exactly what you want from your window cleaners' insurance.

Ultimately, whether you need to make a claim, purchase a new business policy, or renew an existing one, just know that we’re here to help.

Benefits of working with Howden:

  • You can trust us – we’re rated Excellent on Trustpilot.
  • We’re driven to save you time, money, and hassle.
  • Benefit from a tailored service that comparison sites can’t provide.
  • Speak with your local branch, within your community.
  • We’re right by your side in the event of a claim.

Business Insurance for window cleaners - how does it work?

Whether you’re a domestic window cleaner or the owner of a larger commercial window cleaning company, you’ll have business insurance requirements that will often extend beyond the 'standard' levels of cover.

We’ve been providing business insurance for window cleaners for many years and in that time we’ve worked with a range of specialist business insurers which have insurance packages that can provide you with the cover you need for you and your window cleaning business.

So, what does a window cleaners insurance policy typically include? You can generally expect a window clean policy to contain the following types of cover:

All in all, we understand how important it is that you get any insurance claims dealt with quickly, so here at Howden we provide you with support every step of the way. Our aim is to help ensure that your window cleaning business isn't off the road for long, so we look to help you find an insurance policy that you can trust will have your back.

More information about Window Cleaning Insurance

Public liability insurance for window cleaners

Window cleaners, as much as any other professional, need public liability insurance to ensure they’re protected in case the unexpected happens.

Public liability insurance protects your business in the event of the work you do causing a member of the public to be injured, or someone’s property becoming damaged.

 Maybe your ladder accidentally cracks a client’s window, or someone unfortunately trips up on some window cleaning equipment you’ve left at the bottom of your ladder, and they end up hurting themselves. That’s where public liability insurance comes in, covering the legal costs that would be associated with a claim made against you and your business. This policy can also provide coverage for both employees of a business or self-employed business owners.

To learn more about public liability cover, give us a call, and we can give you a better understanding of how this insurance can support you and your window cleaning business.


Window cleaners' insurance quotes

All window cleaners need to do to get a quote is either give a member of our team a call or click on the Get a Quote button on this page. Once you’ve done that, we’ll ask you to provide us with some straightforward information about your and business. This might include:

  • The location of your window cleaning business
  • How long you’ve been operating for
  • The size of your business
  • Information about your claim's history
  • Your personal details e.g., name, age, address etc.

We’ll only ask you for the necessary details, and then from there we’ll start looking around for the most appropriate business insurance options for you. Our team will also help you compare the options we source, ensuring that you have the best chance of picking the window cleaning insurance policy that’ll tick all your boxes.


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Do window cleaners need insurance?

Window Cleaning Insurance FAQs

Do window cleaners need insurance?

Whilst having window cleaners' insurance to cover your window cleaning operation isn't a legal requirement, it’s certainly recommended that you have some form of protection in place.

What happens when an accident or injury happens? To you or a member of the public whilst you’re cleaning? In those scenarios, not having window cleaning insurance cover to back you could be costly, leaving you and your business vulnerable moving forward.


How much is window cleaning insurance?

So how much does window cleaning insurance cost?

Every window cleaning insurance policy premium is calculated based on a wide range of factors, which depend on the details provided a new, potential policyholder. The various details that can influence cost of a policy premium include:

  • The level of coverage you’re after
  • Your insurance claims history
  • The size of your business operation

Ultimately, the best way for you to find out exactly how much you can expect to pay for a window cleaner insurance policy, is by contacting an insurance professional or broker, like Howden. Once you’ve provided us with your details, we can give you an idea of what you could expect to pay either per month or annually.


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