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Courier Van Insurance

If you’re a courier or run a fleet of couriers, you can’t afford to have your business off the road. We can help you find courier van insurance cover to suit your needs.

Howden Courier Van Insurance

Why choose Howden for Courier Van Insurance?

Howden is the new name for A-Plan. As a broker which specialises in business insurance, we pride ourselves on doing the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. Thanks to the great relationships we have with our selected panel of standard and specialist insurers, we make the process of comparing multiple courier insurance policies, on your behalf, simple and easy. What’s not to like?

Here at Howden, we recognise that each policy needs to be as individual as its owner and their courier business, and that’s why we provide a personalised service, focused on getting to know you and finding out exactly what you want from your courier insurance.

Ultimately, whether you need to make a claim, purchase a new courier insurance policy, or renew an existing one, just know that we’re here to help.

Benefits of working with Howden:

  • You can trust us – we’re rated Excellent on Trustpilot.
  • We’re driven to save you time, money, and hassle.
  • Benefit from a tailored service that comparison sites can’t provide.
  • Speak with your local branch, within your community.
  • We’re right by your side in the event of a claim.

What is Courier Van Insurance?

Also known as ‘hire and reward insurance’, courier van insurance is a specialist type of cover, designed to provide protection to those that make regular deliveries for work.

Courier vans play a vital role in keeping your business going, delivering goods to your customers day in, day out. Not only that, but they’re the public face of your company, representing your business on every food, item or parcel delivery. Because they’re such an indispensable part of your business, it’s important to ensure that you’ve got the right level of courier van insurance cover.


Van Insurance for couriers - how does it work?

Now you’re probably wondering, what exactly is covered under a courier insurance policy and what levels of cover are there?

Similarly to the way car insurance works, almost all insurers will offer three different levels of cover:

Third party

This covers you for damage you cause to other vehicles and/or drivers and passengers. This is the minimum level of cover you need to legally drive on UK roads.

Third party, fire and theft

This protection is no different from third party, except it also covers you for fire damage and theft.


This is the maximum level of cover, including everything listed above, as well as cover for damage to your van and personal medical expenses.

Bear in mind that there’re also several specialist commercial van insurance policies tailored to different kinds of professional trades and retail businesses.

As well as that, you can also upgrade your courier insurance policy with optional extras. This might include goods in transit insurance, which makes sure the contents of your van are protected, breakdown cover which gives you peace of mind that help will soon be on its way if your van breaks down while it’s on a delivery, roadside assistance, windscreen cover, legal expenses cover and much more.

You could also opt to get additional public liability insurance cover. Public liability insurance could potentially save you millions of pounds in liability following claims from third parties.

To find out more about what we can offer as part of a courier van insurance quote, get in touch today and talk to one of our expert advisors, either in branch or over the phone.

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More information about Courier Van Insurance

Do I need courier insurance?

Not only are you legally obligated to have courier insurance if you’re earning money by transporting goods which are not your own, this insurance is also vitally important to have to ensure that you have protection in case your van is damaged or causes damage to another vehicle whilst out on deliveries.

The type of deliveries you’re making and the distance you drive to make them can also impact what insurance policies you’ll need. For instance, for longer distance deliveries, you may need some form of haulage insurance to ensure you’re covered, likewise if you're a self-employed courier, you may a unique type of courier driver insurance. Temporary courier insurance is also an option if you're looking for short term cover.

It's also a legal requirement to have at least third-party motor insurance in order to be able to drive vehicles on UK roads.

How much does courier insurance cost?

As all couriers operate in their own unique ways in a wide range of different areas, it’s hard to estimate exactly how much a policy will cost, per courier.

Premium costs can also depend on:

  • The type of deliveries you’re making (what are the goods you’re transporting?)
  • The number and type of vehicles you’re operating as part of your courier company
  • The age and experience of the van drivers
  • The distances and radius of which they’ll travel.
  • The level of cover selected
  • The policy excess selected

There’re also ways you could potentially reduce the price of your courier van insurance premium, whether that be installing telematics to help insurer’s monitor your driving performance or upgrading your van’s security features.

Ultimately, to get a clearer idea of how much you could expect to pay for your van courier insurance policy, speak to an insurance professional or a member of an insurance broker’s team, such as ours. We can help you find a courier van insurance quote that suits your budget, and also don’t force you to compromise on cover.

Courier Van Insurance FAQs

What is hire and reward insurance?

Hire and reward insurance and courier van insurance are the same insurance product, they are just referred to as each other throughout the industry. They’re both specialist forms of business van cover, and whether you call it hire and reward, or courier van, you need this policy if you’re being paid to make deliveries, typically when operating in a relatively small area.

Do I need goods in transit insurance?

The need for goods in transit cover depends on your specific circumstances and the nature of your business. Goods in transit insurance is typically recommended for individuals or companies involved in transporting goods from one place to another, and this type of insurance can provide coverage for potential losses or damages to the goods while in transit, such as theft, damage from accidents, or other unforeseen events.

If you regularly transport goods as part of your business, it's wise to consider goods in transit insurance to protect yourself and your clients against potential financial losses. However, the necessity of goods in transit cover may vary based on your industry, the value of the goods you transport, and other factors. It’s also not legally required.


Can I get courier insurance for my car?

If you want to use your car to make deliveries, whether you’re only transporting a couple items or make food deliveries, there are car insurance policies available that can provide you with the protection you need as a courier.

These policies have been referred to as delivery insurance for car drivers, car courier insurance, or carriage of goods for hire and reward cover, but either way, they all offer the same thing, providing comprehensive insurance cover for anyone that uses their car to deliver third party goods.

Like courier van insurance, you can opt to have either comprehensive, third party, fire & theft, or just third party cover to protect you, your car, and third parties. To find out more about this type of courier insurance cover, get in touch with us, and we can discuss with you some ways we can protect you whilst you’re out on the road, in your car, making deliveries.


Will my policy include public liability insurance?

Many insurers, as part of their courier insurance policy packages, will offer public liability insurance as a potential policy add-on or additional cover option. Courier insurance protects both you, your courier drivers and your business in the event that someone attempts to file a lawsuit against you for injuries, property damage, or illness.

As a courier, there are numerous situations where public liability insurance could prove invaluable. Examples include:

  1. Accidentally causing damage to valuable items while on someone's property during a delivery.

  2. Placing a parcel on the pavement, leading to a cyclist colliding with it and sustaining an injury.

  3. Colliding with a pedestrian while carrying a bulky parcel during a delivery to a property.


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