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Why choose Howden for Bricklayers’ Insurance?

We know how difficult and stressful it can be for tradesmen to find the insurance policies they need, and that’s why we do our best to do the heavy lifting instead, so you don’t have to. Thanks to the brilliant relationships we have with our selected panel of both standard and specialist insurers, we’re able to make the process of sourcing various bricklayers’ insurance options, on your behalf, simple and straightforward.

Here at Howden, our team of specialists also understand that each bricklayers’ insurance policy needs to be unique and tailored to each owner and their bricklaying business. That’s why we provide a personalised service to our clients, which focuses on getting to know you and your business better, whilst also learning more about what you want from your bricklayer insurance policy.

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you need to make a claim, purchase a new policy, or renew an existing one, just know that we’re always here to help.

Benefits of working with Howden:

  • You can trust us – we’re rated Excellent on Trustpilot.
  • We’re driven to save you time, money, and hassle.
  • Benefit from a tailored service that comparison sites can’t provide.
  • Speak with your local branch, within your community.
  • We’re right by your side in the event of a claim.

Business insurance for bricklayers

Bricklayers’ face risks of accidents or unfortunate scenarios happening every time they do their job. Whether it be accidentally causing property damage, your tools being stolen, or one of your employees being injured, these things can happen at any moment, and that’s why bricklayers’ insurance is so important.

Howden offers a wide range of business insurance options for bricklayers, each offering a unique type of protection that can cover their business in a specific way. You can combine all the cover options we offer and build a comprehensive bricklayers’ insurance package that provides suitable insurance protection and allows you to do your job with fearing the unexpected.


Do I need Bricklayers’ Insurance?

Yes, you should get bricklayers’ insurance, not only to protect yourself, but to also protect everyone else around you.

We’d recommend to any bricklayer that they get public liability insurance as a must-have policy to start, before they get other products such as tools cover, employers’ liability insurance, personal accident insurance, or legal expenses insurance so they can truly protect all aspects of their bricklaying business.

Having the right insurance in place is crucial if you’re a bricklayer. Without it, you could be vulnerable to claims made against you, the legal fees that come with defending your business, and accidents or errors that could be financially detrimental and keep your business, out of business. Mitigating risks that come your way is important for any bricklaying business, and that’s the purpose of bricklayers’ insurance.


What does Bricklayers’ Insurance cover?

Imagine one of your employees falls of a ladder and injures themselves whilst working for you. What if your bricklaying accidentally inflicts damage on a client’s property? Or maybe one of your tools is stolen from your van whilst your parked outside a building site.

With comprehensive bricklayers’ insurance in place, your business would be covered for each of these scenarios, and many more.

As well as that, below you can see a list of other, additional insurances that we can source for bricklayers – each capable of uniquely protecting your business in the event that something goes wrong or a claim is made against you.

Public liability insurance

Public liability cover is the insurance you need to protect you from third-party claims, particularly relating to accidental injuries or property damage.

Employers’ liability insurance

Employers’ liability cover is mandatory for any business that has employees.

Professional indemnity insurance

This insurance can protect businesses that offer professional services in the form of advice and recommendations.

Tools insurance

Get instant cover for your tools if they’re damaged, lost or stolen.

Legal expenses insurance

Legal expenses cover does what it says on the tin; it can cover legal expenses you spend when defending your business in response to legal action.

Personal accident insurance

This product can cover anyone you choose if they’re accidentally injured, either at or outside of work.

Contractors’ all risk insurance

Also known as contract works insurance, this cover can support you if your bricklaying work gets damaged by acts of vandalism, floods, fires or natural disasters.

Hired-in plant insurance

Hired-in plant insurance can protect any specialist gear you’ve rented, such as machinery or power tools, if they become damaged or destroyed whilst you’re using them.

Own plant and business equipment insurance

If any machinery or business equipment you own gets lost, damaged or damaged, this cover can help source replacements or repairs.

Business van insurance

Don’t let an incident or accident keep your business off the road – protect your van with commercial vehicle cover.

Still not sure what business insurance products you need to protect your bricklaying operation? Don’t worry, we can help. Contact us today and we can discuss your requirements and advise on which policies would be a good fit for you.


Public Liability Insurance for bricklayers – how does it work?

Public liability insurance is certainly one of the most, if not the most, important policy for bricklayers. It provides bricklaying businesses financial protection in case they’re found to be legally liable for causing an accidental injury to a third party or damage to their property during the course of their work.

Public Liability Insurance may also be a legal requirement for bricklayers or construction businesses before they can undertake certain types of projects or obtain licenses and permits. Even when not legally required, it's often considered essential for protecting the business from potentially ruinous legal claims, and the legal costs that follow.

Ultimately, because of how often bricklayers, and many other tradesmen, engage with third parties as part of their work, having public liability cover is often viewed as a standard practice in the industry.


How does a Bricklayers’ Insurance claim work?

If you need to make a claim on your bricklayers’ insurance policy, all you need to do is get in touch with us. You can give us a call on 01993 894 700, or visit us in your local Howden branch. You can find us by using our Branch Finder.

Whatever’s happened, we’re here to help and once you’ve raised the claim to us you can rest assured knowing that we’ll handle it for you. It’s part of the Howden service to make sure any claim is dealt with as quickly and smoothly as possible, and this is no different when it comes to bricklayer insurance claims.


How much does Bricklayers’ Insurance cost?

The cost of a bricklayer insurance policy will vary depending on several different factors, each related to the circumstances of the policyholder. These include:

  • The size of your bricklaying business
  • Where you’re located
  • The risks you face as a bricklayer
  • The policy excess you choose
  • Your claims history
  • Whether you wish to pay for a upfront or through monthly instalments

As well as these factors, when comparing different bricklayer insurance premiums, you must remember that each insurance provider is different and will have their own ways of calculating policy prices. That means that there’s no fixed rate that applies to ALL bricklayer policies.

However, as an insurance broker, Howden can compare various bricklayers’ insurance policy options on your behalf. Once we have all the necessary information from you our team will strive to source not only the policies that make the most sense for your business, but also the policies that are the most affordable and aligned with your budgetary requirements.

Any client of ours can also opt to pay upfront or by direct debit through monthly instalments. It's your call.


Who can we also insure?

Not only can we help bricklayers, but we can also offer cover for a wide range of other tradesmen, such as:


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Bricklayers' Insurance FAQs

How can I get Bricklayers’ Insurance quotes?

So that we can begin sourcing you the bricklaying insurance cover, you’ll need to have the following information to hand:

  • Your personal details – your name, your age, where you live etc.
  • Business information – where it’s based, how many employees it employs.
  • Your claim history – we’ll need know how long you’ve been operating for and how many previous claims you have.

Once we have that information, we can start comparing policies on your behalf. You can pop into a branch at a time that suits you or give us a call and we’ll start right away with sourcing a bricklayer insurance quote that’s right for you.

When should I get Bricklayers’ Insurance?

You can get a bricklayer insurance policy whenever you like, but getting coverage for your business from day one will make sure that you’re always protected whilst you’re bricklaying.

Why take a chance? Get your bricklaying business the insurance it needs so that you can rest assured knowing you’re protected in the event of a claim following an accident or unfortunate incident.

What insurance does a self-employed bricklayer need?

Self-employed bricklayers should start off by considering liability insurance products, such as public and employers’ liability cover, as well as additional cover options such as tools insurance, personal accident insurance and business van insurance.

Collectively, these products can provide self-employed bricklayers will a well-rounded, business insurance package that can protect their business comprehensively. You can also visit our Self-Employed Insurance product page and learn more about the policies we can offer to self-employed workers.


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