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By Business Type

Whether you’re a funeral director or an engineer, a restaurateur or a photographer, Howden has you and your business covered.

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Brew your beer with confidence whilst backed by comprehensive cover.

Whether you’re a micro-brewer or operate a large distillery, we want to help you find the right brewery insurance for your business.

Flexible insurance for the manufacturing and engineering sectors

We offer tailorable manufacturing and engineering insurance policies which are designed to cater for all the complexities that come with these professions.

Equestrian cover that makes sense

Trust equine industry experts to help you find an equestrian insurance policy that exceeds your expectations.


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Try us out and see how we can help save money and make finding the right insurance cover that little bit easier for you.

Pet Crematorium insurance that you can trust

We strive to go that extra mile to help you find a pet crematorium policy that works best for your business.

Professional business cover for hauliers and couriers

Whichever way your business transports its deliveries, whether they’re hauled or couriered, we can help you find insurance that can support your operation.

Safeguard your rental properties & business

Being a landlord involves a lot of responsibility, leaving little room for error. A landlord insurance policy can act as a safety net if anything were to go wrong.

Customisable cover for your charity organisation

Charitable companies and organisations are vulnerable to risks and accidents too. That’s why we offer not for profit insurance.

Protect your office with the insurance it deserves

Offices can be the beating hearts of the most successful businesses, so it’s vital that they’re covered by comprehensive office insurance policies.

Trust a specialist with commercial marine insurance.

Whether you’re an SME or a larger organisation, our specialists can help you find the right marine trade insurance to suit your challenges and budget.