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Self-Employed Insurance

Let u help you find the perfect self-employed insurance policy, so you can protect everything you and your business have worked so hard to achieve so far.

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Why choose Howden for Self Employed Insurance?

As a broker which specialises in business insurance, we pride ourselves on doing the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. Thanks to the great relationships we have with our selected panel of standard and specialist insurers, we make the process of comparing various self employed insurance policies, on your behalf, easy and straightforward. What’s not to like?

Our team knows that each self employed policy needs to be as individual as its owner and their business, and that’s why we provide a flexible, personalised service, focused on getting to know you and finding out exactly what you want from your cover.

Ultimately, just know, whether you need to make a claim, purchase a new business policy, or renew an existing one, we’re here to help.

Benefits of working with Howden:

  • You can trust us – we’re rated Excellent on Trustpilot.
  • We’re driven to save you time, money, and hassle.
  • Benefit from a tailored service that comparison sites can’t provide.
  • Speak with your local branch, within your community.
  • We’re right by your side in the event of a claim.

What is Self Employed Insurance?

Self-employed insurance is designed to meet the needs of those that aren’t employed by the traditional employer, and instead work for themselves. If you're self-employed, you might work for yourself as a freelancer, consultant, contractor, or sole trader, and either way, and you can get self-employed insurance to protect themselves financially when the unexpected or emergencies happen.

As a self-employed individual, you don’t belong to an organisation either, so you'll have less access to the support and benefits that come with working for an employer, further proving how important this specialist type of insurance is for the self-employed.

So how can we help? Courtesy of the insurers we work with, we can offer a range of commercial insurance policies that self-employed workers can choose from. Clients can pick and choose from these insurance products and create a self-employed insurance package that compliments their business operation:

Here at Howden, we support a wide range small businesses and self-employed individuals with their insurance requirements, from window cleaners to dog walkers. When you speak to us, we make it our mission to find out as much as possible about you and your business, so we can make your life easier and source a policy that meets your expectations.

So, what are you waiting for? Call or visit us today and get started today with finding a self-employed insurance policy that matches exactly what you’re looking for.

More information about Self-Employed Insurance

Do I need insurance if I'm self-employed?

Generally, if you’re self-employed you’ll legally be required to have some form of insurance policy. However, not all forms of insurance are necessary, and are instead only recommended.

For instance, although it’s highly recommended that you do have public liability insurance, it’s not a legal requirement. Be aware though that some clients or contracts may insist that you have this insurance in place before working with you.

Ultimately, whether you need insurance or not is dependent on the nature of your business, how you operate, and how important you believe it is that not only you and your customers are adequately protected. For many potential customers, having that peace of mind that you have right insurance in place could make all the difference.


What is public liability insurance for self-employed workers?

For self-employed workers, public liability insurance provides financial protection in case they are held responsible for injury or damage to third parties (members of the public) or their property.

It’s designed to cover the costs associated with legal claims, compensation, and other expenses that may arise if someone files a claim against you for injury or property damage resulting from your business activities.

When considering public liability insurance, it's important to carefully assess your specific needs and consult with an insurance professional to ensure that you have appropriate coverage in place.

How to pay National Insurance if you’re self-employed (link to blog)

Typically, your National Insurance Contributions (NICs) are settled annually via the Self Assessment process. It's important to note that these contributions are calculated based on your business profits, not your total earnings. To determine your profits, you'll need to deduct your business expenses from your self-employed income.

Once you've finished filing your Self Assessment tax return, you'll receive an invoice with a due date for payment. This invoice will encompass your income tax, NICs, and may also include a "payment on account," which is an advance payment towards your next tax liability.

To find out more on this, take a look at our Simple Guide to Self-Employed National Insurance.


How much does self-employed insurance cost?

How much your self-employed insurance policy will cost will depend. The price can vary on a wide range of factors, including the type of insurance plan you opt for, the nature of your self-employment, your location, your claims history, and your individual circumstances.

The best way to determine the exact cost of self-employed insurance for your situation is to request quotes from insurance providers, or let our team do that for you. As insurance brokers, we can help you find a self-employed insurance policy that suits your budget, whilst not forcing you to compromise on what you expect from your policy.


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