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Golf Insurance

From golf equipment and buggy cover to 'on-course' third liability protection, Golfplan has you covered.

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Why do you need GolfPlan?

Our arrangement with GolfPlan (part of the Howden Group) gives our clients access to a specialist provider in the market who will compare golf insurance policies and strive to find the right policy for you.

GolfPlan has also been trusted by golfers for over 30 years and the range of golf insurance we offer, in collaboration, aims to provide total peace of mind.

Choosing the right cover is easy – simply select the level of cover you want, based on the value of golf equipment you want to insure with us. Plus, you can choose from either New for Old or Market Value.

Benefits of working with Howden:

  • You can trust us – we’re rated Excellent on Trustpilot.
  • We’re driven to save you time, money, and hassle.
  • Benefit from a tailored service that comparison sites can’t provide.
  • Speak with your local branch, within your community.
  • We’re right by your side in the event of a claim.

What’s on offer?

Here’s what you can expect to have included in your golf insurance policy when you choose GolfPlan:

  • Up to £5 million public liability cover across all of our levels of cover
  • A minimum of £5,000 cover for club membership fees (only eligible if you have an illness during the insurance period or have an accident that stops you from playing golf)
  • Policy holders between the age of 18 and 70 get up to £50,000 personal accident cover (becomes £10,000 for over 70s)
  • Up to £2 million in third party property damage cover

This is what is on offer as standard, but it’s worth getting in touch with us if you have any questions about how we can adapt a policy to be tailored to you. For example, we offer, as a policy add on, to insure your golf buggy for loss theft and damage at a premium of only £55!

More information about Golf Insurance

Do I need Golf Insurance?

You aren’t expected or legally required to have insurance for when you're playing golf. Whether you personally feel you need a golf insurance policy, however, can depend on several factors, such as how frequently you play golf, the value of your golf equipment, and the potential risks which are associated with playing golf.

A golf insurance policy can protect you from financial loss if your golf equipment or golf clubs are lost, stolen, or damaged. It can also provide public liability coverage in case you accidentally injure someone else or damage someone else's property whilst playing golf.

Additionally, some specialist golf insurance policies may offer additional benefits, such as covering the cost of rental golf equipment if your golf clubs are lost or damaged.

Should I insure my golf equipment and clubs?

It's always a good idea to get golf insurance cover to protect your valuable golf clubs and equipment, especially if you use them frequently or they are essential to your hobbies or work. Golf equipment can be expensive, and if your golf clubs are lost, damaged, or stolen, it can be a significant financial loss. Therefore, insuring your golf equipment and clubs can provide peace of mind and protect your investment while on the golf course.

Choose a level of Golf Insurance cover

Our arrangement with GolfPlan means we can offer a wide range of golf insurance policies and cover options. There are different levels of cover to choose from, but with whichever level you choose, you are guaranteed to have:

  • Public  iability insurance up to £ 5million.
  • Third party property damage cover up to £ 2million.
  • Personal accident insurance up to £50,000.

The three levels of GolfPlan cover are Classic, Plus+, and Elite. Each of these different, and we have highlighted how all three levels are broken down below:


  • Golf equipment cover up to £1,500
  • Market value cover (up to 12 months)
  • Covers policyholders playing in the UK only
  • GPS / rangefinder cover up to £200
  • Electric trolley cover up to £1,250
  • Hole-in-one cover up to £300
  • Membership fees cover up to £5,000
  • Personal Effects cover up to £1,000

Plus +

  • Golf equipment cover up to £4,000
  • New for old cover for any length of time
  • Covers policyholders playing across the UK and Europe only
  • GPS / rangefinder cover up to £300
  • Electric trolley cover up to £2,000
  • Hole-in-one cover up to £300
  • Membership fees cover up to £5,000
  • Personal effects cover up to £1,000


  • Golf equipment cover up to £10,000
  • New for old for any length of time
  • Worldwide cover for policyholders
  • GPS / rangefinder cover up to £500
  • Electric trolley cover up to £3,000
  • Hole-in-one cover up to £500
  • Membership fees cover up to £8,000
  • Personal effects cover up to £2,000

It’s also important to be aware that if you are after Market Value cover, you’ll need to choose the Classic package, whereas New for Old cover requires Plus+ or Elite packages. With each of these levels of golf insurance, there is an option to add cover for your golf buggy when you get a quote online.

Golf insurance FAQs

What is Hole-in-One insurance?

Hole-in-one golf Insurance is typically purchased by golf tournament organisers who offer prizes for golfers who make a hole in one on the golf course. These prizes can be very expensive, ranging from cash to cars, and can be difficult for the tournament organisers to afford.

Hole-in-one golf Insurance is also purchased by individuals who want to offer a prize for a hole in one during a casual round of golf with friends or family.

Our hole-in-one cover, in particular, is designed to reimburse the policyholder to cover the cost of the customary round of drinks which they would purchase for everyone in the club house immediately upon them returning from a golf competition or tournament when they have achieved a hole in one in, up to the amount shown in their policy schedule. 

What is membership fees insurance?

Membership fees golf insurance covers the cost of annual golf membership fees in the event that the policyholder is unable to use their membership due to illness or an accident.

Golf membership fees can be a significant expense for golf enthusiasts, and paying for a membership upfront can be a considerable financial commitment. However, unforeseen circumstances such as illness or an accident can prevent a golfer from using their membership and result in the loss of the membership fee.

Ultimately, this specialist golf insurance policy option can provide peace of mind to golfers who are concerned about losing their investment in their golf membership.

As always though, it’s important to carefully review the terms and conditions of any golf membership fees insurance policy to understand the covered events and any limitations or exclusions.

What is third-party property damage golf insurance?

Third-party golf property damage insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides coverage for accidental damage or injury to third-party property that occurs during a round of golf. This insurance is designed to protect golfers from financial liability someone else's golfing equipment is accidentally damaged whilst playing golf.

For example, if a golfer accidentally hits a golf ball that strikes a car parked near the golf course, causing damage to the vehicle, the car owner may seek compensation for the damages. Third-party golf property damage insurance can provide coverage for the cost of the damages up to the limits of the policy.

Talk to us and see how we could find you the right golf insurance cover to suit your needs.


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