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Caravan Insurance

Whether you have a static caravan or a touring caravan, let us help you get the cover you need for your home away from home.

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Why choose Howden for Caravan Insurance?

Howden is the new name for A-Plan. When it comes to getting you caravan insurance cover, we at Howden pride ourselves on doing the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. The fantastic relationships we have with our selected panel of specialist and standard caravan insurers allows us to do this, which then makes comparing multiple policies, on your behalf, simple and easy. What’s not to like?

We also provide a personalised service, because we know that each policy needs to be as individual as its owner. This is based on getting to know you and finding out exactly what you want from your caravan insurance.

But just know that ultimately whether you need to make a claim, purchase a new caravan policy, or renew an existing one, we’re here to help.

Benefits of working with us:

  • You can trust us – we’re rated Excellent on Trustpilot.
  • We’re driven to save you time, money, and hassle.
  • Benefit from a tailored service that comparison sites can’t provide.
  • Speak with your local branch, within your community.
  • We’re right by your side in the event of a claim.

More about caravan insurance

What is caravan insurance?

To put it simply, caravan insurance protects touring caravan and static caravan owners financially against the costs of replacements or damage, should an unfortunate accident or incident happen.

For example, in the unlucky event that your caravan is stolen, then you could make a claim with your insurance company so that you wouldn’t need to pay out of your own pocket to get the caravan replaced and can carry on enjoying your holidays.

What are the different types of caravan insurance?

Here at Howden we not only offer standard caravan insurance, but we also provide policy options for a range of different caravan types.

We can help you get insurance cover and financial protection for the following:

You can learn more about how we can help the owners of these types of caravans with specialist policies throughout our website.

Do I need caravan insurance?

We’re asked this question a lot!

No, you don’t need to have caravan insurance for your touring or static caravan, because it isn’t a legal requirement.

However, you should always be aware of that fact that your caravan could either be stolen or damaged at any moment, which could potentially leave you out of pocket if you’re not covered.

We know this because, on average, over 4,000 caravans are stolen each year. However, accidental damage is the cause of almost one quarter of all caravan insurance claims so it is sensible to insure against it, to protect your investment!

While your car policy may protect your vehicle when you’re towing your touring caravan, it won’t usually provide cover for any damage to your touring caravan in the event of a collision or road accident.

So you don’t necessarily need caravan insurance, but getting a comprehensive caravan insurance policy can protect what’s yours and give you peace of mind.

What does caravan insurance cover?

So how would your caravan be covered? Our caravan insurance policies will typically offer you financial protection for the following:

  • Theft
  • Accidental damage (both internal and external damage)
  • Third party liability and public liability
  • Fires, flooding or weather damage (e.g., lighting, earthquake, storms)
  • Burglary or vandalism

You could also expect your caravan insurance cover to protect you for more specific incidents such as key loss, and add-ons such as European cover are also available if you think this type of cover is needed for your touring or static caravan. It’s best to check with either us or your insurance provider so you know for sure what’s covered as standard on your policy.

How can I be covered if my caravan is accidentally damaged?

Our caravan insurance cover can comprehensively protect your property against accidental damage, regardless of the type of caravan you have, so you can relax in style! By choosing to add optional extra cover too, such as protecting your awning in case it gets damaged, you can enjoy your rest and relaxation with complete peace of mind.

Optional extras you can get with caravan insurance

We know not every caravan owner needs the exact same, standard policy, so we make sure to quote from our helpful insurers who offer as may optional policy add-ons and extras as possible.

These might include:

  • Caravan legal expenses cover
  • Cover to use and tow your caravan abroad in Europe
  • Cover for friends to use and tow your caravan
  • Road risks cover to be excluded for caravans which are not towed on the road
  • Cover for multiple named storage locations
  • Cover to insure your awning when kept up for the season and your caravan is not being continuously used for holiday use

There’s also absolutely no harm in getting in touch with your insurance provider to make sure you know exactly what you can and cannot add to your caravan insurance policy.

How much is caravan insurance?

We know that the price is important, but the honest answer is that the cost of your caravan insurance will depend on a number of factors.

Caravans vary, much like your own circumstances, so a caravan insurance provider must weigh up the likelihood that they will have to cover the cost of anything happening to your caravan, and charge accordingly. Prices ultimately vary depending on how much an insurer believes their policy is worth. It’s that simple.

However, whilst factors do vary based on whether it’s a static or touring caravan, we do know that premiums are usually based on:

  • The owner’s insurance history
  • The owner’s age
  • The caravan’s make and model
  • The caravan’s contents
  • Where the caravan will be parked / sited
  • The caravan’s security features i.e., wheel locks, trackers
  • The length of the policy
  • The level of the cover chosen
  • The policy’s excess amount 

How to cut costs on your caravan insurance?

Wouldn’t we all like to save a bit of money on our insurance?

Well, you can do this by optimising your touring or static caravan and being selective when you buy your policy.

For example, investing in a safe location to store your touring caravans, or ramping up additional security features, such as trackers, window locks or a wheel clamp, are likely to convince insurers that your policy should be cheaper. Becoming a member of a registered caravan club will be noted too.

It may seem obvious, but you can also avoid unnecessarily purchasing optional extra financial protection on your policy when you don’t need it. Just ask for the help of an insurance broker such as ourselves and we’ll not only review the market to find the best deals, but we’ll also let you know exactly what you’re covered for, making sure you aren’t overpaying or underinsured.

What do I need to get a caravan insurance quote?

In order to help you get the caravan insurance quotes you’re looking for, you’ll need to provide us with the following information:

  • Your personal details
  • The make, model and the year the caravan was made / manufactured
  • Your caravan site address if it is static, or where you’ll store your touring caravan when it’s not being used
  • The price you need to insure your caravan for on a New for Old or a Market value basis
  • Your caravan insurance claims history

If you wish to include any cover for your touring or static caravan contents, you’ll also need to provide the costs needed to replace these contents, depending on whether you’re insuring the structure of your caravan on a New for Old or a Market Value basis.

Who we work with

The brilliant relationships we have with a range of trusted, reliable caravan insurance providers allows us to offer a service which supports each and every one of our clients sufficiently.

Our team are not only enthusiasts themselves, but have years of experience working in the industry, and this has meant that we have been rated so highly by our clients.


We’re here to help you, whenever you need us.

Whatever’s happened to you or your caravan, we’re here to help. It’s our responsibility to make sure that your claim is dealt with as quickly as possible and without any hassle.


Caravan insurance FAQs

What isn't included in caravan insurance?

You shouldn’t fall into the trap of thinking that all our insurers provide cover for everything in their policies. Usual exclusions from a caravan insurance policy include:

  • Theft or attempted theft cover unless forced or violent means are used to gain entry.
  • Cover for theft when the caravan isn’t stored at its registered storage location.
  • Loss or damage if you hire or let out your caravan.
  • Cover for your caravan whilst left unattended and not being used for holiday purposes at a storage location.
  • Cover for your caravan while it’s being used for anything other than holiday use.
  • Loss or damage caused by wear and tear, depreciation, dampness, dryness, wet or dry rot, mould or frost, damage by vermin or pets, mechanical breakdown or malfunction, general maintenance costs or faulty workmanship.
  • War, radioactive contamination, nuclear contamination, sonic bangs, seizure or confiscation by customs or other authorities, data breaches, computer viruses, infectious diseases, riots and civil commotion.

What is New for Old caravan cover?

New for Old caravan cover replaces touring or static caravans with a brand new same or equivalent model/make as your existing caravan. To qualify for New for Old cover your caravan sum insured on your insurance policy must equal the same price that a brand-new version or equivalent version of your caravan costs now to replace. Your touring caravan must also be fewer than 10 years old, whilst static caravans must be fewer than 20 years old.

In the event of a claim where touring or static caravans are classed as beyond economical to repair, or stolen, your insurer will either source you a brand-new caravan, or in some cases, make a cash settlement for this amount to you.

If you’re unsure about where to find this cost from you can research this by contacting a caravan dealer, or by looking at your caravan manufacturer’s latest models on their website.

What is Market Value Cover?

Market value cover will ensure that you’re put back in the same position to buy the same or equivalent like-for-like caravan in the event of your caravan being involved in an insured claim, classed as either beyond economical repair or stolen.

To qualify for this cover your static or touring caravan sum insured under your insurance policy needs to equal the amount you’d buy or sell your caravan for now.

If you’re unsure what the current value of your caravan is, you can research this by contacting a caravan dealer, or by looking at sites such as Auto Trader and eBay where caravans are bought and sold on a second-hand basis.

Does my home contents insurance cover items in my caravan?

Home contents insurance covering items in your touring caravan or static caravan will depend on your contents insurance provider and whether you have cover for items that you wear and carry away from home under their policy. You should always check with your contents insurer to get confirmation that their policy extends to include your caravan contents.

Cover for caravan equipment may specifically be excluded by your contents insurer as it’s usually kept within your caravan whilst it’s not in use.

Does my car insurance cover my touring caravan?

So, while you can get a car policy to cover you when you’re towing your caravan, only limited cover for third party property damage and third-party injury would apply. It’s important that you check that you’re covered in this way before you tow your caravan.

For damage to your caravan while on tow to be covered, you would need to purchase a specialist caravan cover with road risks cover included under it.

Do I need extra insurance to tow a caravan?

No, you’re not required by law to take on an extra caravan insurance cost to tow a touring caravan, although there are many reasons why you should consider it. You will also need to check with your car insurance provider that their policy allows you to tow a touring caravan before towing it on the road. 

Does a caravan in storage need insuring?

Yes, it is recommended. Additionally, the owner of your storage location may request a copy of your insurance documents to show them that you have Public Liability Cover under your policy. This is usually included as a standard part of a Comprehensive Caravan Insurance Policy up to either £2 million or £5 million sum insured. 

Can you insure my caravan if it's permanently sited or on a seasonal pitch?

You’ll be covered for loss and damage if you leave your caravan on a seasonal pitch, or it's permanently sited, providing that you have informed your caravan insurance provider of this location and they have accepted it as a storage location that they’re willing to insure at under your policy. You will need to check that the storage location is acceptable with your insurer, before you move your caravan to it.

If you permanently site your static caravan, you can usually opt to exclude road risks cover under your caravan insurance policy which often gives you a discount in the premium you pay for your insurance.

Do I need touring caravan insurance cover to take a caravan abroad?

Yes, you’re able to take touring caravans abroad under an insurance policy. You can usually choose to include or exclude cover to take your caravan abroad to Europe under your caravan insurance. This cover usually comes with an additional premium.

Some insurers will give you the option to select the number of days you want to take your caravan abroad. Check that your insurers have upper limits for the maximum number of days for which they will allow use abroad under their policy. It’s important for you to check these limits with your insurance broker, or within your policy documents to find out more about taking touring caravans abroad.

Will I be covered if I live in my caravan?

Yes, buying residential caravan insurance means you’ll then be covered if you live in your caravan.

While many caravan insurers will only insure you for holiday use of touring or static caravans, there are specialist caravan insurance options available if your caravan is your main residence. Residential caravan insurance policies will always have a maximum period of days where you’re able to leave your caravan unoccupied.

Can my friends and family use the caravan?

Once again, this depends on what’s included in your insurance policy.

Some insurance policies cover you and your “family” only to use or tow your caravan. The definition of “family” differs for different insurance providers. This definition can be confirmed to you or found under the “Definitions” section of your insurance policy booklet.

There may be the option to extend your caravan insurance cover to include use and towing by extended family members who are not covered under your insurer’s definition of “family” and your friends.

You’ll need to check that the person towing your touring caravan is covered under their driving licence to tow a vehicle. The person in the towing vehicle should check with their car insurance policy provider to make sure that their policy gives cover for third party road risks before they tow your caravan.

Are passengers allowed to ride in a touring caravan being towed?

No, passengers are not legally allowed to be transported in a touring caravan whilst it’s being towed, for safety reasons.

Can you park a caravan on the road?

There is no law to say you cannot park your caravan on the road. Legal measures may be enforced, however, if the parked touring caravan is deemed to be parked dangerously or without consideration of others. You must also make sure that parking your touring caravan on the road doesn’t invalidate your insurance policy.

Do I need to pass a test to tow a touring caravan?

You need to have passed your driving test and earned a standard driving license after the 1st January 1997 to tow a touring caravan. Then, you can either tow with a vehicle that is within the maximised authorized (MAM) of 3,500kg if your trailer weighs less than 750kg, or, if your trailer weighs over 750kg, the combined trailer and vehicle maximum authorized mass must be no more than 3,500kg.

To learn more on this topic, visit the Towing section of UK government’s website.


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