Why you need a broker for your jewellery insurance

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People who own jewellery do so because they either love the beauty of it, see it as an investment or have inherited it as an antique family heirloom.  Given that jewellery can be worth a large sum of money, we think another issue follows logically: protecting it properly with insurance.

Money from an insurance payout can’t fully compensate for the loss of a wonderful piece of jewellery but having the right insurance cover in place will at least help with the financial loss –whether that’s a fund to buy a replacement, cover the cost of repair or restoration, or compensate you for any depreciation in value.

Aston Lark are specialists in finding the right jewellery insurance solution, something you should never have to do on your own. We understand the value of a good policy and will help you protect your passion and investment. Here’s how:

Quality cover

When it comes to more expensive valuables, a standard home insurance policy is unlikely to be suitable. Typically, there will be low monetary limits on items such as jewellery and watches, so in the event of a claim you may not be covered properly. A good broker will help find you a better policy with fewer restrictions and higher limits.


A key part of any insurance policy is having an up-to-date valuation as this will make the claims process more straightforward and prevents underinsurance, which is more common than you might think. A client of ours recently found that his Patek Phillipe watch, insured for £15,000, would cost £27,000 to replace. Increases like this aren’t unusual in today’s jewellery market and the price of diamonds and precious metals are particularly volatile.

Some of the insurers we work with will give a 25% or even 50% uplift for three years following a valuation to protect policyholders from rising prices. We also have a panel of recommended valuation companies that we know will be able to assist by not only valuing your pieces now but also giving you up-to-date valuations going forward.

Making sure you are paying the right premium

It’s our job to make sure you pay the right premium and one way you can reduce your premium is by talking to us about your jewellery and watch wearing habits. We often speak to new or prospective clients who have all their jewellery insured on a worldwide basis, all the time. This is often inappropriate and gives rise to a higher premium than is necessary. Rather than limit certain valuables to being insured in the safe only, which is restrictive and requires that you let your broker know when you want to wear it, you can opt for a floating limit.

Why use Howden for your jewellery insurance?

We will ensure that you are properly covered, paying the right price, and if you have a claim, we’ll be there to help.

To speak to us about your jewellery insurance call 020 8256 4901 or email privateclients@howdeninsurance.co.uk