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Why choose Howden for High Value Home Insurance?

Our clients mean more to us than just a policy number. We’re here to build a relationship and earn their trust – so we assign each and every one a qualified insurance professional to act as their dedicated point of contact.

Providing advice is at the heart of everything we do, so we always offer clear, sensible, and independent advice about what our clients should insure and how. So, if they ever need to claim, they can be confident in their success.

We work directly with specialist high-net-worth insurance underwriters to tailor a high value home insurance policy that fits our clients’ property, contents and personal circumstances.

Benefits of working with us:

  • Expertise and advice for now and the future
  • Dedicated, professionally qualified team of experts
  • Each year over 95 per cent of our clients choose to stay with us
  • Rated “Excellent” on Trustpilot
  • A Private Client legacy which dates back to 1948

What is High Value Home Insurance?

High value home insurance caters for homeowners who own that little bit extra. Whether it is a property of significant value, unique features, or higher valued items within the home, it is likely that your will need a policy that gives a higher level and value of protection than a standard home insurance policy.

Due to the unique needs of high value homeowners and the customisation involved, high value home insurance policies are also typically individually underwritten and tailored to the specific property and policyholder.

Courtesy of the insurers we work with, you can expect to have the following included in a typical high value home policy:

  • Enhanced alternative accommodation cover if your home can’t be lived in due to a claimable incident.
  • Enhanced levels of trace and access cover so if you have a leak, the investigation costs will be covered as well as the resulting damage from the leaking water
  • Insurance for collections of jewellery, watches, fine art, antiques, guns, and many other types of valuables.
  • Pairs and Sets cover. If you damage an item that’s part of a pair or set, and a replacement can’t be found, the entire set will be replaced or compensated for
  • Automatic cover for new purchases. If you treat yourself to something new, it will be automatically covered for up to 60 days before you need to let us know (subject to a maximum value, dependent on insurer).
  • Access to high-net-worth insurers and independent surveyors who’ll be able to validate your current building sum insured.

We recommend to our clients that they speak to an insurance professional or broker, like Howden, when they need help with insuring a high value home. We can help by providing you with a personal adviser who can assess your needs, evaluate your property, and obtain the appropriate coverage that sufficiently protects your assets and lifestyle.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a high value home insurance policy?

A high value home should be insured under a mid net worth or high net worth insurance policy, rather than a standard home policy. These policies cost a little more but give a much better level of protection.

How confident should I be that my valuable are covered properly under my high value home insurance policy?

A figure for valuables – such as jewellery and watches – on your home policy doesn’t mean that you’re properly covered.

Items over the insurer’s Single Article Limit need to be specified, even if the total valuables figure is sufficient. Therefore, you must let your insurer know if you have valuables over the insurer’s figure.

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If I have an unlimited contents policy, do I need to worry whether I’m covered properly or not?

There is no such thing as ‘unlimited cover’ no matter how much you pay.

Just because your contents are unlimited this doesn’t mean that you’re properly covered. In fact, it doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed anything, it simply promises to pay up to an infinite figure – there is no guaranteed minimum figure. Plus, there are all kinds of inner limits which will apply.

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Do I need alternative accommodation cover?

One aspect of high value home insurance policies that is often overlooked is alternative accommodation cover. This is an amount payable by an insurer to cover the cost of renting a temporary home for you and your family (and pets) following a claim that leaves your home uninhabitable.

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Will a mortgage valuation give me an accurate rebuild figure for my home insurance?

A mortgage valuation is there to protect the lender. In fact, most have a clause that states they may not be disclosed to a third party and it’s not that uncommon, especially on older properties, for a mortgage survey to give a nil valuation.

Mortgage valuations are often cursory and not to be used as a basis for insurance. Setting your buildings sum insured is important as it’s the amount that you will receive from insurers to rebuild your home should it suffer a major loss.

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Why should I use a broker for my high value home insurance policy?

If you own a high value home and don’t have a broker to advise you, here is why you should.

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