BT Redcare and home insurance

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BT Redcare, the security and fire alarm signalling service, has announced the closure of its operations with effect from 1 August 2025. But why is this important and how could it affect your home insurance?

What is BT Redcare?

BT Redcare is a monitored alarm system which ensures that the appropriate services are notified in the event of an alarm being triggered. Central service monitoring can be a home insurance policy condition – particularly if you live in a high value property or have high value contents.

How will its closure affect me?

If you have a BT Redcare alarm, the central station monitoring will stop on 1 August 2025, and if having an NSI approved central alarm system is a condition of your home insurance policy, you could find yourself uninsured in the event of a theft or fire claim after that date.

Will this affect all home insurance policyholders where an alarm is required?

It depends on your insurance policy. Some policies will require an NSI approved central alarm system. There are currently two NSI approved companies in the UK - Redcare and CSL DualCom. If you have a CSL DualCom alarm, you will not be affected by this announcement. However, as we expect this to lead to an increased demand for their engineers, you may experience a delay when maintaining or repairing your alarm. CSL are making contingency plans but we would still recommend that should your alarm need servicing, you get to the top of the list.

If you have a Verisure or Simplisafe alarm and it meets your insurer’s requirements, then no action is required. However, it’s important to remember that these alarms are not NSI certified and are not an alternative to BT Redcare.

What should I do next?

Contact your alarm company to check what alarm system you have in place. If it is BT Redcare, you will need work to your alarm panel, perhaps a simple switch of communications board to a different system, but older systems may need a completely new panel.

How can Howden help?

Before replacing your alarm, we recommend that you speak to a specialist broker like Howden. We’ll make sure that your new alarm meets insurer requirements and, as prevention is better than cure, can talk to you about your security arrangements, potential upgrades and introduce you to security companies and property management companies. To read more about home security, read our article: Top home security tips to protect your property.

To speak to us about your home insurance or home security, call 01304 872 901.

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