Art at the Park – Meet the artists: Lucy Lutyens

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Sculptor Lucy Lutyens wonders about ‘what gets passed down in the genes’. 

Why architect Sir Edwin Lutyens’ great, great niece is joining more than 60 artists at Art at the Park, a contemporary charity art show in aid of Home-Start Essex at Braxted Park

A framed portrait of architect Sir Edwin Lutyens hangs on the wall of Lucy Lutyens’ studio.

Her great, great uncle, one of the most esteemed architects of his generation appears to be watching her with a keen eye.

Lucy says she does wonder about ‘what gets passed down in the genes’ because she and her son are both sculptors.

Sir Edwin, who was noted for his range of invention along traditional lines, would surely approve of his great-great niece’s organic art.

The history of Lucy’s husband’s family and the generations who have worked the land since the bronze age influence her work on the organic farm where she lives near Colchester.

Lucy said: “The farm is a continual source of inspiration. There is archaeological evidence of a bronze age burial site as well as axe heads dating to neolithic times so in some of my original work I sourced the clay from these sites and created figures which potentially held the DNA of these ancestors. That possibly sounds creepy but I find it humbling to think of the generations who have lived and worked here and I feel an affinity with them when I am creating my work.

“I’m always finding things around the farm or on the scrapheap which inspire a new work, a bone I found struck me as a similar shape to a standing woman so I created a piece called ‘Walking Through Time’.

“Over the last 20 years my work has evolved from primitive pieces to being more about line – but nature and family always inform my work, the love and devotion that goes into caring for them both. They influence the shapes which evolve and flow into birdlike or botanical forms pared down to simpler forms.

(Image: Lucy Lutyens in her studio with bone that inspired her work “Walking through time”.)

(Image, left: Freedom. Image, centre: Transcendence. Image, right: Tranquility.)

“I will be exhibiting several pieces at Art at the Park and look forward to supporting Home-Start Essex. It’s marvellous that young families have access to people who can help them through their challenges. My work feels pertinent to this great charity as so much of my work relates back to the importance of family and how fortunate I was to have extended family to help me in those early years of motherhood.”

Art at the Park in aid of Home-Start at Braxted Park, Witham, runs from February 1-4, 2024, supported by Howden. Work will be on display in the grounds and Georgian house with prices expected to range from around £15 to £50,000.
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