Fixtures and fittings: are you covered?

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Cover for fixtures and fittings (also referred to as ‘Tenants Improvements’) is often a neglected area of cover. Those who live in a flat or apartment may think that because the buildings are insured under a block policy, it is an area they don’t need to consider when arranging their own home insurance. But if you live in a flat, you may need to worry about insuring more than your contents, art and jewellery.

Whilst the block policy will cover the fabric of the building, there are three issues that may arise:

  1. The cover under the block policy might be lacking. This is especially true where the cover has been left to renew year on year and has not been reviewed. The block policy might not, for example, cover accidental damage.
  2. The block policy will not cover all the fixtures and fittings that have been added by the homeowner. This includes fitted wardrobes, shelving, laminate flooring or anything attached to the building that isn’t considered contentsNote that carpets are classified as contents. Some contents policies include ‘fixtures and fittings’ under the definition of ‘General Contents’, so this is worth checking. If this is the case, check that the contents sum insured is sufficient.
  3. The block policy may not fully cover the homeowner for the cost of improvements that have been made, such as high-quality kitchens and bathrooms. Whilst the buildings insurance may cover a standard kitchen, it may not necessarily cover a bespoke kitchen with marble worktops.

Even if you live in a new, purpose-built flat and haven’t made any internal changes, you should still ask for a copy of the building’s insurance policy wording and review it carefully.

If you’re unsure whether the block policy covering the home you live in is suitable, then ask your managing agent to speak to us. And if you’re not sure if your current contents policy would cover you properly in the event of a claim, please call 020 8256 4901.

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