Car insurance & vehicle security

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Some regions of the UK have seen car thefts rise by 25% or more as criminals are increasingly stealing cars to strip and sell them for parts. The rising cost of raw materials is partly to blame, however police are also pointing to the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic as the supply of some car parts are still lagging behind demand1.

Your car insurance will normally cover you if your car has been stolen, but prevention is better than cure, so here’s our advice.


Making sure your vehicle is as secure as possible in the first instance, will not only help keep your car out of harm’s way, but it will also help keep your car insurance premium down.

Insurance companies tend to reward motorists who are proactive about the security of their vehicle and questions typically asked include:

  • Do you store your vehicle in a garage?
  • Do you park your vehicle on your driveway?
  • If so, does your driveway have a security gate or retractable security bollards?

Some supercar insurance policies may require the vehicle to be garaged at the home address between 10pm and 6am.

CCTV and alarms

A CCTV security camera not only provides protection but can also record vital footage. Some security cameras can send trespassing notifications to a smartphone or house alarm. The onward march of technology has brought with it devices that can improve the security of our homes as well as our cars. 

Install a tracking device

Over the last few years, a more sophisticated generation of tech-savvy car thieves has been emerging. Targeting popular and high-value vehicles, these thieves are able to counteract factory-fitted security, using basic hacking equipment purchased online.

Tracking devices use real-time GPS location reporting to pinpoint the exact location of a vehicle. The functions and features are geared towards an instant response to theft and a fast recovery. They include:

  • Automatic driver recognition
  • 24/7 control room service
  • Alert systems
  • Immobilisers

It is becoming increasingly common for car insurance providers to request that you install an insurer-approved vehicle tracking device. When it comes to high value vehicles, many insurance providers will not insure a vehicle unless a tracking device has been installed. There are various grades of trackers on the market – each offering a different level of security and response. Thatcham category 5 trackers provide the maximum amount of security, which includes a police response.

To read more about trackers you can visit:
For examples of trackers on the market you can visit: Enhance car audio and security Ltd.

Preventing keyless car thefts

The overwhelming majority of cars are now being sold with keyless entry as standard and keyless car theft, also known as relay theft, is becoming more common. This is very much an organised crime as it requires two people – one to capture a signal from the key fob of a “keyless entry” car whilst standing outside someone’s house and the other to stand by the victim’s car where the signal from the device is transmitted to. This then fools the car into thinking the key is near it, allowing the doors to open and the ignition to be started.

There are various ways in which you could prevent yourself from being the victim of keyless car theft, from keeping your keys in a safe to purchasing a signal blocking device. 

Steering locks

Not every preventative measure needs to be a tech one. Thieves are increasingly armed with laptops rather than tools – so a steering lock could put a potential thief off.

Consider your valuables

Remember that any valuable items in your car are an attractive target for opportunist thieves. Standard comprehensive policies offered by most car insurers are unlikely to cover personal possessions worth £400 or more. That means if you leave anything of a higher value in your vehicle and it gets stolen, you may not be able to claim it back. 

Car insurance

Unfortunately, the only real test of a car insurance policy is in the event of a loss, and a claim could be refused if you haven’t met the insurer’s criteria when it comes to security. That’s why you need a broker. By talking to our clients and understanding their needs, we provide a service you can’t get from an online insurer. We will discuss with you what you really need and explain the advantages and pitfalls of the car insurance policies we have available – giving you peace of mind and confidence in what you’re buying.

Not only that, but if the worst did happen, we have a specialist claims team to guide you through the process so you’re not facing the insurer alone.